These are examples of fairly long chats ( QSOs ) I have had with other Amateurs all over the world using Echolink In my case just with a PC. Many HAMs deride the use of even repeaters, let alone without the use of Radio Transmitter ( TX ). They like to treat Amateur Radio as challenge and a Sport . In fact some repeaters cannot be used with a PC due to the obsession of the operator with only the use of Radio Transmissions. Using a PC similar to Skype, is almost completely free of any of the massive interference that bedevils radio contacts on the Short Waves ( HF ). It must be admitted this presents a very little challenge. But those using HF often have QSOs that last no more than a few seconds. This is most especially in contests where the prime object is to make as many contacts as possible in a given time. So it is just to receive a QSL card confirming a contact, and to persuade the other party to make a suitable entry including a signal report in a Log book. These logs are now often generated by a computer within the Transmitter, that can easily be emailed to contest bureaus to calculate points and winners, and often based on the distances involved. But you can hear below the use of Echolink allows an almost unlimited time for a QSO. So one might wonder if the antagonism expressed by many long term HAMs to repeaters and such as Echolink, may be based in some cases on their reluctance to talk for long periods to complete strangers miles away. Long conversations with anyone by necessity must involve divulging quite a lot about yourself, which some might not want !! Note the old files below show the date and location of the repeater as created by Echolink itself.

    QSO_2011_11_18Dutch.wav     QSO_2011_11_23Warmimster.wav     QSO_2011_12_16Slovenia.wav     QSO_2011_12_17_Brookfield.wav     QSO_2011_12_27_DELCODUG.wav     QSO_2012_01_02_Budapest.wav     QSO_2012_01_02_Nelson.wav     QSO_2012_01_02_NZ1.wav     QSO_2012_01_02_NZ2.wav     QSO_2012_01_05_Bonn.wav     QSO_2012_01_06Antwerp.wav     QSO_2012_01_06MaryboroughAZ.wav     QSO_2012_01_07HongKong.wav     QSO_2012_01_07NIreland.wav     QSO_2012_01_08OxfordUS.wav     QSO_2012_01_09China.wav     QSO_2012_01_09Osaka.wav     QSO_2012_01_10Brookfield2.wav     QSO_2012_01_21Berlin.wav     QSO_2012_01_21_Azerbijan.wav

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