PROGRAMS   By Ingemar Bjerle


Program information

Chemical Engineering (CE) is a discipline mainly based on Chemistry, Physic and Mathematic. In CE process modelling and process calculation are very important.

The programs below show that LB can be used to do complicated calculations. All programs are designed to solve a specific problem and in most cases show the result in a graph. All programs are delivered with source code, tkn and a dat-file of type random access (RA). After opening the program and pressing the start button the calculation based on data in pos 1 of the RA-file takes place. The user can choose other data in the RA-file and also save new data to the file.

For users with LB4.03 the program can be run in bas-mode. The default mode is tkn and for this no LB has to be installed on the PC


Each of the packages below must be unzipped into a separate Directory to avoid duplication of files.

Then the runtime files in IBMenu must be unzipped with each package, and the MENU.EXE activated.




Absorption tower design.

Cooling tower design.

Linear equation solver.

Function plot.

Optimization of chemical reactions.

Non linear equation solver

Differential equation solver.

Multiple regression.

Equilibrium constant calculator.

Simplex optimization with parser.

Diff. eq. solver with parser.

Gasification reactions with parser.


All the theory is on pdf-zip and can be downloaded here THEORY




Batch reactor.

Semibatch reactor.

Dispersion tube reactor.

Tank reactor: Stationary points.

Tank reactor nonisoterm: control.

Tank serie control.

Tank serie: 3 tanks mixing time.

Tank serie: 2-N reactors.

Tank serie: optimization.

Optimal temperature curve.

Tube serie optimization.

Temperature optimization.

Tube reactor adiabat, nonadiabat.




Drying of slab.

Mass transfer in sphere.

Controller tuning problem.

Semi-batch reactor temp control.

NH3 absorption.

Filter cake wash.

Gas separation by membrane.

Non isothermal tubular reactor.

Continuous Distillation column.

Counter current extraction cascade.

Oscillating Tank Reactor Behaviour.

Nitrobenzen to Anilin.

Stability of a CSTR: steady state.

Stability of a CSTR: dynamic.



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