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This article tmentionea the (East-)German BasiCode-3- book: Horst Völz: Basicode mit Programmen auf Schallplatte fürHeimcomputer. Verlag Technik, Berlin 1990, ISBN 3-34-100895-0

Here is the Dutch explanation of the BASICODE-3 subroutines: English version will be made soon.

BASICODE – Software für alle Website (German)

An example of Dutch computer folklore & short introduction in BASICODE 2. Sub-routines (English)

BASICODE-3 Book by Kluwer, 1986 (Dutch)>

BASICODE-3 subroutines and linenumbers Short explanation (Dutch)

BBC BASIC for Windows (BB4W) see also

DOSPRN Printing from DOS window towards Windows printers

MO'SLO 4 BIZ Slowing down Windows & DOS programs (so that old programs still work on modern fast CPUs

Very nice free program allowing most of the old DOS programs to still run under Windows

MS-DOS & Windows based BASIC dialects such as GW-BASIC, QuickBasic, QBasic and Visual Basic etc

ZX80/ZX81 emulator Legal copy of QBASIC can be found in OLDDOS.EXE from

Free QB like compiler FBC.EXE Beware the later versions unpack to a few hundred Mb

Freeware Acorn BBC emulator using Disk IMG files available from

BBC BASIC, Liberty Basic, and Just Basic etc Program Code and Help files HERE             Convert Qbasic to BBC4W etc

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