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This has the advantage of being very easy to use the very important and popular Windows Boxes, Buttons, and drop-down Menus. It may not have as many functions available as other BASICs etc, but there are many examples as to how to use numerous Windows API calls to replicate additional functions in these forums : and You need to download the software from to run all these BAS files, or use NOTEPAD to view them. The Shareware version will not allow you to run larger programs, but you can purchase a full registration. A new version is coming to operate under Linux. Each of the ZIP files below to download creates a separate Directory which includes an AutoMenu.exe to run the .BAS files. You can inspect the contents by just clicking on any ZIP. You may do whatever you wish to use with all the program code. There is a simpler free version of LB at

There is a free new Compiler available from that Runs and compiles LB code into an EXE of around 100 K. It uses none of the normal 10 or so LB runtime files needed of over 1 Mb, and uses BBC4W and is considerably faster. Examples of FREEWARE USING LBB


	LEISURE  Videos, MP3, Music Players, Mouse Trainer, Biorhythms, Patterns. Morse Trainer etc
	LEARNING   logo2, Arithmetic, Typing, Spelling, Graphs, etc
	TOOLS  Fonts List, CADS, Email Sites, Cookie Clear, Text reformat etc
	DATABASES  Loans,  Database, labels, Auctions, Phone Dir, Calendars, Adders etc.
	GAMES1    Attack,  Alien,  Bomber,  Targets, Sub Hunt,  Tank Battle, Zombies, Popular Horserace Flutter HORSERACE
	NOWAVGAMES   Anagrams, Breakout, Hangman, Mystery number, Life1, Drive, Matches,  Maze  Slots  US Civil War etc
	INGEMAR BJERLE  Complex Chemical Engineering (CE) programs.
	CLIPART SHOW  To Run Online or Download
	MORE PROGRAMS  at       
	ARTICLES  Advice in using Basic and Liberty Basic
	NOVICES       Advice for complete beginners
	ALYCE           LB Valuable support
	WIKI              LB News Letters Articles
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